Office- Based Medication -Assisted Treatment (MAT) For Alcohol & Opioid Use Disorder in Colonia, NJ

Improve your recovery with office-based, medication-assisted treatment at LenoyMED drug rehab center.

Accelerate your recovery and maintain it with MAT plans that meet your specific needs by working with LenoyMED health professional specialized in treating drug and alcohol use disorder in Colonia, New Jersey:

LenoyMED at Colonia
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Medication-Assisted Treatment is Proven to be Effective

Improve your chances of recovery and significantly reduce the need for inpatient detoxification with behavioral services in Colonia, NJ through Lenoy Med.

Enjoy flexibility that allows you to go about your daily life while you still receive the treatment you need to recover.

Take advantage of low-cost treatment plans often covered by insurance. It’s a fact that many abstinence-based treatment plans often are not.

Take charge of your recovery with an individual program of medication that addresses your specific needs.

Enhance Your Recovery With Lenoy Med’s Medication-Assisted Treatment and Behavioral Services in Colonia, New Jersey

Get Results With LenoyMED’s Alcohol Abuse Management

Our medication-assisted program for alcohol addiction is supported by multiple studies and is based on the belief that alcohol addiction is a chronic disease. In fact, medications such as acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone are approved by the FDA for treating alcohol dependence. 

Start your recovery today with a combination of medication and behavioral services in NJ offered by LenoyMED drug rehab center.

Get Results With LenoyMED’s Opioid Abuse Management

Like other addiction treatments, medication-assisted programs for opioid addiction recovery are supported by multiple studies. These studies are based on the belief that opioid addiction, like alcohol addiction, is a chronic disease. Medications such as suboxone, subutex, naltrexone  are approved by the FDA for treating opioid abuse. At LenoyMED drug rehab center Med, we offer medication assistance for recovery from:

  • Heroine
  • Fentanyl
  • Opioids

Start your recovery today with LenoyMED’s combination of medication and behavioral services in New Jersey.

Recovery Made Specifically for You

Because we’re all unique, no recovery program will work for everyone. That’s why, at LenoyMED drug rehab center, we work with your entire team to create a program just for you and then make sure you don’t relapse. With us as your medication-assisted specialists, you’ll benefit from:

  • A team of professionals working on your behalf
  • A team 100% focused on your recovery
  • Assistance in a safe and supportive environment
  • Flexibility in your recovery

Let LenoyMED drug rehab center help you through research proven  MAT services in Colonia, NJ.

Regis RosarioRegis Rosario
19:22 08 Aug 22
We had a smooth and pleasant experience here. Recommended if you are looking for good care.
Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations
23:23 21 Jul 22
Very easy to deal with. I had to go there for a PCR test twice. The Doctor is very warm and friendly, the staff are efficient.
Danae Ruiz EspinozaDanae Ruiz Espinoza
19:34 19 Jul 22
The service was excellent. The recepcionist and the doctor were really nice and helpful.
Shalandra SharmaShalandra Sharma
18:39 25 Jun 22
My wife and I went there for our immigration (green card) related physical exam. The facility was clean and the staff was friendly. The front desk person explained the whole process clearly and overall we had a positive experience.
Luis A. GonzalezLuis A. Gonzalez
20:09 20 Jan 22
Very kind, very understanding, and very useful. The Dr. I spoke with was via telehealth conference and it felt like we were in person. The Dr. did everything he could via video to meet my needs and accommodate me. Highly recommend for those looking for a comfortable physician.

Let LenoyMED Drug Rehab Center Help You With Your Recovery


Book Your Time Slot for Initial Intake

LenoyMED’s initial intake team will work with you to assess the best choice of treatment specifically for you.


Receive Your Medication

Once you meet with a physician, your medication prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.


Get Back to Living

You’re on your way. From here, you’ll continue to meet with a counselor and  provider at frequent time interval  in person or via telemedicine at your convenience to help and guide you through your journey of recovery..

Meet Your Recovery Team


How long your recovery plan will last is up to your physician. We work closely with your team to make sure you receive all the medications you need.

If you can’t make an appointment for whatever reason, we ask that you reach out as soon as possible to reschedule so you can continue the recovery process.

That will be up to your physician. We work closely with all members of your team to keep you compliant and moving in the right direction.

Many insurance companies are now paying for MAT treatment because of the evidence that it works. Ask your insurance provider if they’re one of them that does.

Make Lenoy Med a Part of Your Recovery Team

Call Lenoy Med for the medical-assisted treatment you need for your recovery

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