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Immigration physical is required by the USCIS in order to acquire a US green card or US citizenship. Get your exam done quickly by choosing LenoyMED for your immigration physical in Metuchen, New Jersey. At LenoyMED, you’ll receive:

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Immigration Physical Examination​

Why Choose LenoyMED?

By receiving your immigration physical in Metuchen, NJ via LenoyMED, you’ll save time because you need to visit only one place for your physical examination and blood work. .

If, based on your physical exam , it proves necessary to get additional testing or vaccinations, LenoyMED can provide them at the same time as your initial exam.

Our team is made up of Civil Surgeon appointed by the US Citizens and Immigration Services. These are the only types of physicians allowed to perform immigration physicals.

Most competitive and reasonable pricing in the area. $329.99 which includes civil surgeon’s initial visit and blood work up. Very quick turn around time to return completed I-693 form within 3 to 7 days based on the completion of all the required tests and vaccines.

Get Efficient, Thorough Results in a Timely Manner From LenoyMED

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Receive Your Completed I-693 Form For Your Immigration Physical Examination

At LenoyMED, we perform  all necessary lab tests mandated by USCIS to complete the I-693 form. Without this form, the USCIS will reject your I-693 form. Your complete immigration physical in Metuchen, New Jersey will include: 

  • Initial physical exam by civil surgeon
  • Blood test for TB ,Syphilis & vaccine preventable disease as needed  
  • Urine specimen for gonorrhea
  • Chest x-ray if necessary

Put yourself in the hands of the Civil Surgeons at LenoyMED and get immigration physical done  quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

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Take Advantage of Just One Location For an Immigration Physical in Metuchen, New Jersey

No need to travel from location to location in order to receive all of the services you need. 

At LenoyMED, we offer them all. For example, if your physical exam indicates the need for additional testing or vaccinations, we can provide them to you. We also offer: 

  • Walk-in examinations
  • Weekday and weekend hours
  • Affordable pricing

Consider LenoyMED your one stop location when you’re in need of an immigration physical in Metuchen, New Jersey.

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15:53 04 Nov 22
Book the appointment for immigration medical exam @ colonia Repid walking clinic. Front desk and doctor both are very polite and humble. As per my personal experience I can recommend for this Dr Chetankumar Chauhan
Mariel DiDatoMariel DiDato
20:08 31 Oct 22
Great and smooth visit. They accommodated me right away with a telehealth appointment and I was able to get the antibiotic I needed.
Regis RosarioRegis Rosario
19:22 08 Aug 22
We had a smooth and pleasant experience here. Recommended if you are looking for good care.
Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations
23:23 21 Jul 22
Very easy to deal with. I had to go there for a PCR test twice. The Doctor is very warm and friendly, the staff are efficient.
Danae Ruiz EspinozaDanae Ruiz Espinoza
19:34 19 Jul 22
The service was excellent. The recepcionist and the doctor were really nice and helpful.
Shalandra SharmaShalandra Sharma
18:39 25 Jun 22
My wife and I went there for our immigration (green card) related physical exam. The facility was clean and the staff was friendly. The front desk person explained the whole process clearly and overall we had a positive experience.
Luis A. GonzalezLuis A. Gonzalez
20:09 20 Jan 22
Very kind, very understanding, and very useful. The Dr. I spoke with was via telehealth conference and it felt like we were in person. The Dr. did everything he could via video to meet my needs and accommodate me. Highly recommend for those looking for a comfortable physician.

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Your examination should take no longer than 30 minutes, depending on what services you need.

You will need a photo identification and your vaccination history for your exam. In addition, if you do not speak English, please bring an interpreter with you to your appointment.

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Your results will be mailed to you once all the blood work up result is available.

We will give you first four pages to be proof read by you when you arrive at the center for physical examination.

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