What Is an USCIS Citizenship Test

In order to obtain a green card or US citizenship test, individuals must complete an immigration physical with required blood work and vaccination. Based on the exam and blood work civil surgeon(designated physician by USCIS) has to complete the form I-693. This form needs to be submitted to USICS or a lawyer in a sealed envelope. This is required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).


The number of locations you need to visit for your complete immigration physical


USCIS Certified Civil Surgeons performing your exam

2 hours

Be in and out within 1–2 hours on average.

Am I Eligible?

Anyone looking to obtain a green card or US citizenship is eligible and must obtain an Immigration Physical.

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What to Expect with LenoyMED's Immigration Medical Exam


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Schedule your exam online at a time and a location convenient for you.


Meet with a Certified Civil Surgeon

Receive your immigration physical from a Civil Surgeon certified by the USCIS, the only physicians allowed to perform them.


Receive additional vaccines if necessary

Get any additional vaccinations that prove necessary at the same time as your immigration exam.


Obtain additional screening if necessary

Obtain additional screening vaccine preventable disease should you need them based on your age.

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What Do I Need to Bring?

There are several things you can do to help your immigration physical go smoothly:

  • Bring a government issued, original , unexpired ID
  • Bring your vaccination record
  • Have a flu shot if it is flu season
  • Bring a record of prior TB testing if  available
  • You may eat and drink prior to your examination, but please do not bring food into the office
  • You DO NOT need to bring or fill out your own I-693 form, we will provide you  with the form I 693 first 4 pages for proofreading
  • Payment by cash or credit card only (all major credit cards accepted)

LenoyMED will take care of the rest. We provide all the tests mandated by USCIS to complete your I-693 form.

One Location For All Your Needs

At Lenoy Med, we offer everything you need to complete your immigration physical. As we’ve highlighted, if you need additional testing or screening to complete your exam, we provide them with the convenience of: 

  • Walk-in examinations
  • Weekday and weekend hours
  • Contact options or up-to-date information
  • Affordable pricing

Consider Lenoy Med your one-stop shot for your immigration physical.

You’re in Good Hands

LenoyMED is a USCIS designated Civil Surgeon Office. Only Civil Surgeons are authorized to conduct immigration physicals for those looking to obtain a green card or citizenship. 

Our Civil Surgeons are highly qualified professionals with your best interests and safety in mind. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

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Reasonable Pricing

At LenoyMED, we offer the affordable price of $329.99 to complete I 693. 

This includes:

  • Initial physical exam by civil surgeon.
  • Blood work for tuberculosis (Serum Quantiferon Gold / IGRA), syphillis and vaccine prevetable disaease.
  • Urine test for gonorrhea
  • Completion of USCIS paperwork

This cost does NOT include additional vaccinations or chest X rays that may be needed based on the blood work result to satisfy the USCIS requirements. 

Additional vaccinations are, however, provided at the office for an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any weekday or weekend with an appointment.

Our base fee is $329.99. The fee includes an initial interview, a blood test for tuberculosis (TB), a blood test for syphilis, a urine test for gonorrhea, and completion of the 13 page I-693 form.

If your exams shows you need vaccinations, those vaccinations will be performed at our office for an additional cost. Also, if you test positive for syphilis, we are required to send ur results to a commercial lab for confirmation. You will be responsible for this cost.

Unfortunately medical insurance companies do not cover the immigration medical exam. If you are intending to submit a claim to your insurance company on your own, please be advised that we are unable to provide our tax ID number, procedure codes or diagnosis codes for an immigration exam.

Yes. In fact, we recommend eating and hydrating before you arrive, as it makes it easier and more comfortable to have your blood drawn.

Yes. Please do not urinate for at least 1 hour before arriving at our office.

Yes, we have a native Spanish-speaker staff member in the office on most days.

Yes. Please make sure your ID is currently valid and not expired.

It’s not necessary, but helpful if you have it.

No, we only draw two (2) tubes of blood.

Yes. The government requires that a blood test for syphilis be performed at the time of your examination, regardless of how recently you’ve been tested.

If you test positive for syphilis, we are required by the USCIS to submit it to a commercial lab for confirmation. If your blood is confirmed positive, you will be required to complete treatment by public health authorities or a private physician. Once you have completed treatment, we can finalize your I-693 form.

No. At your request, however, we can perform an HIV test using the blood sample collected for your syphilis test. The test will be performed at an additional cost.

No. As of October 1, 2018 USCIS is no longer allowing tuberculosis (TB) screening by skin test. Instead, they are requiring an IGRA blood test. There are two commercially available IGRA blood tests for tuberculosis: Quantiferon and the T-Spot. We perform the Quantiferon in our office.

A chest x-ray is required for anyone with a positive Quantiferon TB blood test (see above). A prior chest x-ray is not acceptable. The USCIS does not allow an exception for pregnancy.

We don’t perform x-rays in our office. If you require one, we will write a script for you to take to any radiology center.

If you were born after 1956 you are required to have written proof, with the dates of administration, of having received two (2) shots for measles and 1 shot each for mumps and rubella. The government will accept documentation of a blood test demonstrating a protective level of antibodies to each of these diseases. If you require MMR vaccination, only one (1) injection of MMR will be required in order to complete your examination. The USCIS will not accept your or your doctor’s word that you have had any of these illnesses.

You will require one (1) injection of the vaccine (Varivax) that protects against this disease. Alternatively, the government will accept documentation of a blood test demonstrating a protective level of antibody against this disease.

A tetanus vaccination (Tdap or Td) is required if you do not have written proof of having received a tetanus vaccination in the prior 10 years.

Influenza vaccination is required during the U.S. official “flu season” from October 1 through March 31 each year for all applicants six (6) months of age or older.

Yes, you must have the flu vaccination if you are examined during the official flu season from October 1 through March 31 regardless of pregnancy.

No. You can have your regular medical provider and/or your pharmacy administer vaccinations once we determine what is required in your case by USCIS. We also provide all vaccines at our office at an extra charge depending on the particular vaccine(s).

Yes. Any vaccinations received at our office will be recorded on your personal copy of your I-693.

You can, however, this exception is difficult to obtain, time consuming, and often denied.

No. We give the sealed/stamped envelope and your copy to you at the end of your examination with us. It will be your responsibility to submit the document to whomever is assisting you or directly to the USCIS.

As long as your I-693 is submitted to USCIS within 60 days of its completion (the date next to the Civil Surgeon’s signature) then the exam is valid for 2 years.

We can reproduce your original I-693 document using the prior dates from our archive, however, we cannot update the document. We charge $50 for this service.

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